BOLT Home Unlimited is a trully unlimited internet service for home usage.BOLT Home offers 2 device options: Outdoor CPE or Indoor CPE with the advantages as follow:

Terms & Conditions:
  1. Tax is already included in the pricing.
  2. Old price scheme still apply to existing customer.
  3. Billing will be issued on 1st day of each month, the due date is 2 weeks after billing issued (if unpaid, the service will be automatically suspended).
  4. Usage for peer to peer and VPN services is not recommended.
  5. To maintain the quality of service, BOLT has the right to monitor the usage and to take action if there is any misuse of the internet access, such as the use for commercial purposes, peer to peer and VPN access, etc.
  6. Penalty of IDR 500,000 applies if customer unsubscribes before the 12 months contract period ends.
  7. Outdoor CPE device is property of PT. Internux’s. If the device is lost/destroyed or not returned within no later than 10 business days after customers unsubscribed the internet package, device penalty of IDR 2,500,000 applies.

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