2016, BOLT! Optimistic Still Be The Leading With 4G Ultra LTE

Jakarta, February 3, 2016 - BOLT !, pioneer 4G LTE services in Indonesia successfully awarded as the best mobile broadband service provider in 2015. BOLT! won numerous awards which shows the quality of service BOLT! in the eyes of consumers and practitioners of other industries, such as the Global Excellence for Market Achievements by the Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI), The Most Favorite 4G Provider by the magazine Holiday, The Most Promising Service Provider of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, and Top Wireless Internet by Itech magazine. The award is given by independent agencies trusted with engaging consumers through this survey shows BOLT! as a 4G service brand that is trusted by consumers in Indonesia.

Facing the year 2016, BOLT! optimistic will be able to maintain its position as a provider of high broadbandberkecepatan leading mobile service with superior products and services continue to meet the needs and desires of today's consumers. "The growing number of 4G internet users in Indonesia is expected to increase significantly in 2016. The current Internet users are demanding increasingly complex multimedia. Not only in the form of images and sound but also quality video streaming High Definition (HD). 4G technology to make consumers more comfortable in enjoying the services, "said Dicky Moechtar, Chief Executive Officer BOLT!

Optimism BOLT! to be able to compete in the market driven by the 4G Ultra LTE 4G service that relied on three advantage, yaituUltra-Speed, Ultra-Coverage and Ultra-Value. With Ultra 4G LTE, customers BOLT! can enjoy ultra-fast 4G services anywhere with low fares.

Currently, BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE adopts cutting-edge technology, 4G + (LTE-Advanced). This technology is equipped with advanced features including Carrier Aggregation (CA) which provides 2X speed internet (up to 200 Mbps) and enhance the customer experience in the surf. Another feature is the Interference Cancellation (ICIC) and Simple Frequency Network (SFN), which serves to control and manage the quality of the signal so as to enable customers to enjoy a stable internet access. "In terms of tissue, approximately 95% of network BOLT! connected with fiber optic cable. 4G + blend of technology and fiber optic cable producing experience unparalleled mobile broadband for customers, "said Devid Gubiani, Chief Technology OfficerBOLT!

Reach BOLT! also is the largest in Jabodetabek supported by 3,600 BTS. This advantage coupled with a more efficient rate, which amounted to 10 909 rupiah per Gigabyte. With 1GB quota, customers can enjoy HD-quality video streaming of up to an hour, the music streaming HD quality up to 256 songs or up to 44 hours of internet browsing.

In addition to consumers, the presence BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE is also expected to further support the growth of the digital industry in line with the expansion of its 4G LTE network in Indonesia. BOLT! as 4G internet service providers to contribute to the growth of the digital industry by providing high quality services that make the actors in the digital industry can flourish. Layananmobile broadband BOLT! favorable for the digital industry players such as startup entrepreneurs who have high mobility.

"The startup businesses in the digital industry is pleased to work in co-working with other parties unhindered physical walls of an office. BOLT! Ultra LTE 4G could help them get 4G internet access anywhere throughout the Greater Jakarta area. In addition, internet access is also ultra-fast and can be shared with others, "said Dicky.

With all the advantages to be gained by users of 4G services, BOLT! feel confident can still maintain its position as the leading provider of mobile broadband services in 2016.