Jakarta, February 22, 2017 – BOLT, the first 4G operator in Indonesia launched 300 Mbps speed for the first time at Senayan City, Jakarta. Though BOLT upgraded its whole network to 4G+ (LTE Advanced) in January 2016, there was no devices and smartphones supporting 300Mbps speed. At this time BOLT showed 300Mbps speed by using normally selling devices in the market such as Samsung Galaxy S7.

The speed advantage of BOLT has been remarkably higher than other 4G LTE operators in Indonesia. In any speedtest applications provided by independent 3rd party have shown the speed of BOLT always No.1 from March last year. Based on consumer survey, it is very obvious that customers’ highest priority in 4G LTE is speed. To demonstrate the speed advantage, BOLT presented 300Mbps speed at this event. With the download speed of 300Mbps, the High Definition video is able to be downloaded in just seconds.

"The speed advantage is the core essence of BOLT competitive advantage and what customers mostly consider as most important factor expecting in 4G LTE. We never stop our investment in improving speed and coverage of our network. Furthermore, our investment has been always one year advanced to our competitors", said Billy Abe, Chief Product Officer BOLT 4G Ultra LTE at launch event.

In terms of service offering, BOLT launched the truely Unlimited package in May 2016 and BOLT has realized strong demand from customers. Majority of our Unlimited customers access to internet from home, but there are some residence that our signal does not penerate into their room. To address this issue, BOLT decided to launch new postpaid Unlimited package “BOLT Home Unlimited” with new device of outdoor internet router and stronger antenna trasmission capability. This package is offered for post-paid subscribers who access the Internet from home through an affordable package and also equipped with two antenna amplifier to ensure the internet speed and stability. This package has variety in terms of speed starting from 8Mbps up to 70Mbps with the price only for Rp.199.000/month and Rp.999.000/month.

In terms of online activitiy preference, according to WeAreSocial, there are three social media apps that most frequently used by Internet users in Indonesia. The first position is occupied by Youtube by 49% active social media user, followed by facebook 48% in the second position and Instagram 39% in the third position. BOLT already addressed YouTube users by launching the Unlimited package and prepaid Super Streaming pakcage in last year. To address the needs of Social Media users, BOLT has launched new package named “Lifestyle Add On”. One is Ultra Chat Unlimited, only by adding Rp7.500/month for pre-paid and post-paid packages our users will gain unlimited access to WA (WhatsApp), Line and BBM for Ultra Chat packages. The another one is the Ultra Social Unlimited, only simply add Rp39.000/month to get access to WA, Line, BBM, FB messenger, Facebook, Twitter, Path, Instagram and KakaoTalk. Both of these packages are including voice and video calls.

"All BOLT innovation and improvement is in line with our desire to always give the best services to our customers and potential customers in Indonesia, particularly in providing the easy, fast and affordable Internet experience", said Billy Abe.