Terms & Conditions:

  • The price of a monthly subscription fee does not include the Tax.
  • For deposit payment and monthly fee, Customer may use Cash (Cash / Transfer) or Credit Card (including Auto Debit) payment method.
  • Deposits may be refunded upon Customer's unsubscription, only if Customer has settled all obligations to be fulfilled.
  • Charges will be processed and mailed to Customer by email in accordance with the registered billing period. Customer will be given time to make payment up to the due date listed on the bill (if overdue, internet service will be automatically terminated).
  • Use of Ultra Unlimited packages is not recommended for peer-to-peer and VPN services.
  • To maintain the quality of service, BOLT reserves the right to exercise oversight and take necessary action against misuse of Internet access, such as commercial use, the use of abnormal peer-to-peer services, etc.