Terms & Conditions :
  • The price of a monthly subscription fee excludeTax.
  • Deposit fee Rp. 300,000 (credit card payment), Rp. 400,000 (cash payments)
  • Deposits may be refunded upon Customer's unsubscription, only if Customer has settled any obligations to be fulfilled.
  • The contract is valid for 12 months, for the termination of the contract before the ending period will be charged a penalty fee of Rp. 250,000 (Bundling device) or Rp.0 (device returned).
  • Charges will be processed and mailed to Customer by email in accordance with the registered billing period. Customer will be given time to make payment up to the due date listed on the bill (if overdue, internet service will be automatically terminated).
  • Your internet quota will return in full every printed invoice date. If the quota is exhausted before the printed invoice date, you can purchase the Added Quotas (Booster) Package to stay on the internet.
  • For deposit payment and monthly fee, Customer may use Cash (Cash / Transfer) or Credit Card (including Auto Debit) payment method.

Booster Package

PriceBooster Quota
Rp 25.0002GB
Rp 45.0004GB
Rp 100.00010GB
Rp 150.00020GB
Rp 200.00030GB

How to Add Quota:

  1. Click the Purchase Booster here
  2. Enter your BOLT number
  3. Select Internet package that you want, and then click Buy.
  4. Payment method only via Credit Limit
  5. The payment process

Terms and Conditions :

  • The price includes tax
  • Add quotas are valid until the end of the billing cycle date and the remaining quota will be automatically expired
  • Booster purchase can be made through MyBOLT
  • Added Quota Packages can not be purchased if the customer still has unpaid charges